Birthday Parties

Your child is the star of the Lorenzo the Great Birthday Party Show — 45 minutes of fun-filled, interactive and exciting magical entertainment. The birthday child helps Lorenzo perform several magic tricks, including making a paper wizard’s cap or bonnet appear, and receives a unique magic wand! The birthday child also helps Lorenzo make a magic potion and produce a bag of individually wrapped chocolate candies — enough for each guest.

Lorenzo uses plenty of guest helpers in performing magic tricks, and all the children participate in helping to make the magic happen. No child is EVER teased, made fun of, or ridiculed. Lorenzo believes that magic is about more than just doing a bunch of tricks — it’s about unlocking the mystery, amazement, wonder and confidence that is the spirit of magic in each child.

Older children and Harry Potter fans will be enthralled as Lorenzo relates his efforts to get into a certain well-known school of Witchcraft and Wizardry and, with the birthday child, mixes a secret magic potion. There is plenty of wizardry, particularly in shows for children ages 7 to 9.

Lorenzo does not use any live animals in his performance — they can be messy and unpredictable — but spring puppet Rocky will have the children asking “Is he real?” and Lorenzo’s buddy Sal will have them in stitches.

Lorenzo believes in providing his clients with a professional, memorable magic show for a reasonable fee. He doesn’t try to be “the cheapest” magical entertainer; his emphasis is on quality. Nor does he try to be “the most expensive” magical entertainer; his goal is to make magical entertainment an affordable addition to your child’s birthday party.


Your child should be the “star” of the birthday party
You want memories that will last a lifetime